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New Ad Format On Google AdWords: Text Links

By March 21, 2007July 30th, 20232 Comments

Along with the announcement of the launch of their new pay-per-action advertising model, Google have also introduced a new ad format: Text Link Ads.

The text links are simple hyperlinks with descriptive anchor text that can be placed by advertisers within their regular text, so that they blend in better and result in higher click-through rates. The features of this new format are:

  • Anchor text length is 90 characters maximum
  • The links will include the title “Ads by Google” to identify them as paid search advertising
  • They do not include any additional descriptions.

Google recommend using less than 5 words in the text link ads, to allow publishers greater flexibility in placing the ads. According to them, the best ads are probably simple mention of just the brand name, which the publisher can then place in the best context on their page.