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New Search Measurement Report From comScore

By August 22, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

qSearch 2.0 is the new search measurement report from comScore. The new report goes beyond traditional search to encompass other forms, such as multimedia and shopping searches, that occur on the Internet. Keeping the variety of searches that are carried out on a wider variety of platforms in mind, the new comScore reports will include data from:

  • Core search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and AOL)
  • Top 50 properties (MySpace, Baidu, etc.)
  • Vertical search locations (eBay, Amazon, Expedia, etc.)
  • Cross-channel search (Images, news etc.)
  • Local search
  • Searches on partner sites that produce results from or direct users to core search engine results pages

Worldwide search reporting will be provided in the new format for select European and Asian countries.

The new reporting format comes in the wave of a series of changes being introduced in the way digital properties are being measured worldwide, with companies like Nielsen//Netratings ditching page views for time spent on a site as a better measure of online engagement.

For the month of July, Google continued to reign supreme in the USA, with over 55% of the total searches carried out in home, work and university locations. The expanded search query report for July 2007 showed market share divided as follows:

July 2007 Expanded Search Market Share

The same metrics for market share divided among the main media networks is as follows:

July 2007 Search Market Share

The full report can be viewed at the link below:

July qSearch 2.0 Report for USA