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Sponsored Videos On YouTube

By November 14, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

Google is still trying to figure out the best way to monetise YouTube. Their latest attempt towards this end is the launch of a Sponsored Video advertising service on YouTube.

While YouTube is an extremely popular video site, and continues to grow by the minute – 13 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute – it can be quite a daunting task for people to find the video they are interested in, as YouTube has quite a mammoth collection.

In order for content owners to build up viewer numbers and fan following as well as to help users find the right video, YouTube now lets content providers promote their videos, thus making it simpler for users to find them.

They have introduced a new advertising program, called YouTube Sponsored Videos. This new service will enable brands and content owners to reach those who are interested in their video content, irrespective of whether they are a big and famous company, or new-comers looking to build a reputation.

YouTube Sponsored Videos

An automated tool allows video creators to decide where they want to place their videos. They can then make bids through an online auction process, similar to the one used by Google Adwords, and also specify a daily budget.

AdWords ad ranking principles will be applied on YouTube too, so that a combination of the ads maximum cost per click bid and the ad Quality Score will determine where the ad gets positioned.

When an interested user searches for videos, the appropriate videos will be shown, along with the regular YouTube search results, under the heading ‘Sponsored Videos’ on a pay per click basis.

This service is still in an experimental stage and further changes will be made as required, based on feedback Google receives from users.

Sponsored Videos on YouTube are available only in the U.S. at present, but will be introduced in other countries at some point in the future.

YouTube is estimated to be the second largest search destination in the USA and the UK. Given the volume of searches this implies, and the success that Google has seen by monetising their main search service, it is but natural that Google would apply the same formula to YouTube. If advertisers and react favourably to this service, it could solve Google’s long-standing dilemma of how to capitalise their acquisition of YouTube.

YouTube Sponsored Videos