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Google Is U.K.’s Most Popular Brand

By July 23, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

The Superbrands Council, which is a consortium of experts in various fields such as marketing, advertising and media carried out a survey to judge which are the most popular brands in the U.K. They compiled a list of over 1,000 well known brands in the market, and then conducted a survey across 2,200 consumers, to rate these brands.

The results, reported by the BBC, show that Internet search giant, Google, has occupied the top slot for the first time, to become the most popular brand in the country.

Last year Google was ranked at third place, but this year it has beaten Microsoft and Mercedes Benz, which are now at number two and three respectively.

Surprisingly, none of the well known supermarkets managed to reach even the top 100 list. Stephen Cheliotis, Chairman of the Superbrands Council says, “Lifestyle brands, particularly those in the technology sector, have considerably more sway with the public than everyday staples such as supermarkets, which now seem further than ever from the affections of the British people.”

He also said that, “The results are also a further sign that Google is continuing its dominance in the U.K. It is clear that Google is the brand that people value at work and in their personal lives”