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Virgin Offer Free Airtime In Exchange For Ad Views

By March 8, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Virgin Mobile USA have recently launched a cool program called “Sugar Mama”. The program allows users to sign up and earn free airtime.

Sugar Mama

The way this works is that Virgin Mobile users must watch short online videos, rate them, and give their feedback. In return, for every minute of their time, Virgin reward them with a free minute of airtime.

“Sugar Mama” is nothing more than a cheeky way for Virgin to test which advertising model works best. Smart move, but the results of such a study can not really be applied to regular users who aren’t getting any benefit out of watching ads on their phone.

Benefits of such a scheme though will definitely include greater user interest in mobile video, and an inkling towards what sort of ads and video content interest mobile users the most.