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Yahoo! Integrates Facebook Into SERPs

By March 4, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Yahoo! does seem to be back in the headlines, and not just because of Microsoft’s continued flirtations. In order to attract more users to their search service, Yahoo! has recently started adding fancy Facebook links via SearchMonkey on the search results.

Enhanced data from Facebook will now be available on Yahoo!’s search engine results pages by default. This will enable users to add friends, send them messages, or pokes and view their friends in just one click from Yahoo!’s SERPs.

Facebook integrated into Yahoo! SERPs

Facebook, however, is not the first provider of enhanced data on Yahoo! SERPs. Other apps available on the results pages by default via SearchMonkey are LinkedIn, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Citysearch, Zagat and Wikipedia. Users can also integrate other SearchMonkey apps into the page if they wish to do so. For instance they can add StumbleUpon, Delicious and Flickr.

Of course, this move is expected to upset the advocates of user privacy. In order to put their minds to rest, Yahoo! has ensured that users will be able to see the profiles of only those users who have allowed their profiles to be viewed and searched publicly.

Thanks to this integration between the two sites, when a user types in the name of a person, the search result will show the public profile picture of that person along with other associated basic Facebook commands. Facebook too has added semantic mark-up to their public profile page.

If the search query includes “on Facebook” along with the name of the person, the profile will show at the top of the search results rather than lower down.