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Mobile Search Advertising Set To Exceed $16 Billion

The proportion of the population now using their phones to browse the internet has risen at an extraordinary rate. In fact, according to Nielsen, Americans now spend more time browsing the web using mobile devices than they do on their desktop computers. Read more →

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Mobile Search Ad Spend Up 150%

As the world continues to get better connected, due to the availability of smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets, it is important for advertisers to realise that consumers tend to interact more and more with various brands and ads on their mobile devices. Read more →

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Facebook Overhauls Advertising And Brand Pages

Facebook has announced that they will soon launch a range of new services including a facility to allow advertisers to place ads on mobiles and in their main homepage news feed. This will be the first time that ads will be seen in the main content section of the popular social network or on their mobile service. Read more →

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Facebook Mobile Ads – Precarious Hit

One of the potential risks Facebook cited in their IPO filing was the adoption of mobile. While everybody is extremely eager to know how the Facebook IPO will fare, Facebook is already preparing to please its future shareholders, by eliminating this risk and starting to test a mobile ad service in the near future. Read more →

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Mobile Retail Marketing To Reach $15 Billion

Mobile retail marketing has been gaining popularity and is set to grow even further. This has just been confirmed by a report from Juniper Research. Read more →

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Mobile Advertising In Asia

Microsoft Asia General Manager, Jason Scott, recently spoke in Cannes regarding the available and upcoming mobile opportunities in Asia. Read more →

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Mobile Ads Most Effective While Shopping

A study conducted by Yahoo! and Ipsos has found that mobile advertising is most effective when users are actually shopping. Read more →

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Mobile Local Ad Revenues To Grow

BIA/Kelsey has recently released their five year forecast for U.S. mobile local advertising. Read more →

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Is Google’s Mobile Paid Search Monopoly A Good Thing?

The increased use of mobile search has in turn led to the increase in the revenue generated by mobile paid search. Google dominates this space with a worryingly large market share. Read more →

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SMS Top US Mobile Activity In 2010

Several advances took place with regards to mobile phones in the U.S. in 2010. However, sending text messages remained the top mobile activity for the year that was pegged to be yet another “year of mobile”. Read more →

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Mobile Advertising Growth Driven By Finance Industry

A report released by the mobile ad network, Millenial Media, shows that mobile advertising in the United States is growing most rapidly in the financial services industry. Read more →

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Mobile Gaming Worth $6 Billion

Juniper Research has released the 6th edition of their report on the future of mobile games. The report predicts that the revenue earned from in-game purchases is set to rise substantially in the coming years, and it will overtake the revenue generated through the pay-per-download system of purchase on mobiles by 2013. Read more →

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Google Guns For Mobile In 2011

Since mobile search has been growing at such a phenomenal rate, it is only a matter of time before mobile paid search follows suit. 2011 is predicted to be the year, for this to happen, and for once, it actually may be true. Read more →

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Could TrueView Ads Be YouTube’s Saviour?

Google’s struggle to monetise YouTube on the same scale as it has monetised search has been well documented. They recently announced a new ad format, called TrueView Video Ads, which could be the answer they’ve been looking for all along. Read more →

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Video Ads On Android

Admob, Google’s mobile advertising unit, has just announced the availability of interactive video ads on Google’s Android mobile operating system. Read more →

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$8 Billion Spend Predicted For In-App Mobile Advertising

The number of mobile apps available is increasing rapidly, and so is the amount of money being spent on the delivery of in-app mobile ads. Read more →

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Android Money Comes From Google Mobile Ads

The Android operating system may not be vital to the Google search engine, but Google makes a killing from the ads sold through the Android operating system. Read more →

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Google v Apple – The Battle Has Begun

Competition between Google and Apple is no longer subtle. The two tech giants have locked horns and are now battling for supremacy in a number of markets. Read more →

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Google-AdMob Deal Gets Federal Approval

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has recently given the green signal to Google for its planned acquisition of AdMob. Google will pay $750 million for this deal. Read more →

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Turkcell Cashes In On Mobile Ads

Turkey’s largest mobile operator, Turkcell, which has 36 million subscribers, has monetised services very well through mobile advertising and marketing. Read more →

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