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AdWords Site Targeting Allows Placement Targeting and CPC

By November 12, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

An official announcement from the Google AdWords team on the Inside AdWords blog announced the availability of two new features for advertisers using site targeting on the content network: Placement Targeting and Cost Per Click bidding.

Placement Targeting

Site Targeting has been renamed to Placement Targeting. This is due to the additional ability to specify ad placement by section within a site or even by specific area of a particular webpage. The targeting feature allows advertisers to pick sites by specific publisher-defined placements or site sections in the Placement Tool, as can be seen below:

Click to Enlarge: Screenshot of Placement Targeting from Google AdWords

Placements indented in the list shown above are created and implemented solely by publishers. Advertisers can additionally specify site sections by submitting specific URLs where they want their ads to be displayed.

Cost Per Click Bidding

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) used to be the only available model available for advertisers using site targeting. Google has now changed this by introducing a cost per click option, allowing advertisers to measure and target all their AdWords campaigns equally.

Advertisers using the content networks to drive sales or generate leads are likely to welcome this feature, as the CPM model can end up being more expensive than CPC bidding if a company is not focusing purely on branding.