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Ask To Launch New PPC Platform On 2nd October

By October 1, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

SearchEngineWatch forums reported last week that Ask have announced the release of their new, improved pay per click advertising platform, ASL 2.0 on 2 October 2007.

The new system will provide information about average positioning to help advertisers determine how much to bid and allow multiple ads to test different creatives against the same keywords. However the new system will only allow optimised delivery for multiple creatives and will not provide the ability to opt out of the CTR impacting the delivery. The main features of the new system, as reported by Ask are:

  • Improvements in cost and budget controls
  • New ad structure improves content management
  • Streamlined UI simplifies common tasks
  • More flexible reporting
  • Enhanced Bulk Upload tool.

In a race that is already being fought by heavyweights, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!,’s announcement has hardly generated any effect. However, they cannot be blamed for trying. The pot of gold that is search advertising is ever-expanding and the likes of Microsoft are sticking around in spite of possibly losing as much as $1 Billion per year according to Information Week.

Ask Sponsored Listings program can be viewed at: