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Changes To Google AdWords Campaign Summary

By April 17, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

In order to accommodate all the new media and ad formats that Google have introduced, the AdWords campaign summary page has been changed to now provide advertisers an overview of their campaigns grouped by media type.

Text, image, video and mobile ads will be grouped under the Online category. Audio, print, television and display are likely to be new categories that will appear as Google brings them out of beta and makes them available to all advertisers.

Further changes in the AdWords campaign summary page include movement of the date selection box to the left of the page, and the display (all, active or all but deleted ads) options have been moved to a less conspicuous position on the right.

Most surprisingly, though, the “add new campaigns” links have been moved to the right, which seems like a less conspicuous position, and might leave new users wondering where to click if they want to spend more money with new campaigns – very unlike Google!