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Google’s DoubleClick To Provide Ads For Microsoft Silverlight

By August 7, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

DoubleClick has announced that they are now ready with the technology to serve video ads into Microsoft Silverlight 2 video environments. This move will help their clients to better monetise their advertising inventory, by delivering the content directly to online videos, and mobile channels.

Google, the parent company of DoubleClick, also announced that they have reached an agreement with DoubleClick, to launch Silverlight 2 based ads.

DoubleClick already has ad deals with Flash, RealMedia, and Windows Media, so it seems like a good idea for Google to also add Silverlight to their portfolio. Google and DoubleClick will begin this new partnership by monetising 2,500 hours of Silverlight’s NBC Olympics content. NBC will be among the first to offer Silverlight 2 to their advertisers with DoubleClick In-Stream ads.

“Microsoft has always had a strong commitment to working closely with partners and the industry to enable them to leverage our tools and platform to deliver great user experiences. With Silverlight, we’ve extended that commitment to the advertising space,” said Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President, .NET Developer Division.

What hasn’t been clarified is why Microsoft had to turn to its biggest rival, Google, to sell ads on their own platform, rather than using Microsoft’s own adCenter advertising!