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FAST Search Kicks Back With AdMomentum

By February 14, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Fast Search, one of the older search engines from before the time Google rose to popularity, is trying to come back in a big way with the launch of FAST AdMomentum, a private-label contextual advertising platform for online media companies, retailers and telecommunications service providers.

The new advertising platform, AdMomentum, was developed with leading online publishers to provide a more profitable and flexible alternative to third-party contextual advertising services such as Google AdSense and Yahoo! Search Marketing‘s contextual network.

AdMomentum is being sold as a software license, unlike Google AdSense, which gives publishers a share of the revenue. It has already been implemented by, a newspaper group in Norway, and a search site in Australia. The system supports audio and video advertising in addition to online text-based sponsored links.