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Google Facilitates Searches For AdWords Professionals

By January 7, 2010July 30th, 2023One Comment

Clients looking for Google AdWords management services no longer need to rely on third-party websites and Google search results to fnd suitable professionals and agencies.

Google has now launched a beta search platform that provides a list of these certified professionals.

Google Professionals Search

Individuals or agencies that have been certified by Google can help businesses to better manage their AdWords campaigns and thus advertise their products or services more effectively.

An interested business owner or marketing person can go through Google’s list of certified professionals and select any one of them according to the location and weekly budget that their campaign runs on.

These certified professionals offer various services such as online display advertising, search engine optimisation, web design, web analytics, affiliate programs, advertising on traditional media such as print and TV, as well as on new media like mobiles and social networks.

Professionals who are certified by Google have to keep appearing for periodic tests, which Google conducts, and they also have to pay a fee of $50 every 18 months.

In the past, many people who have been certified have neglected to renew their certification. With the introduction of this new list, agencies and individuals who want to to be featured by the programme will have to renew their membership by taking the exam and paying the fees regularly.

While big agencies are automatically listed in multiple cities, individuals and small shops will have to register separately for each location.

To be fair to Google, their Learning Center does provide very thorough information on the subject, and certified professionals are definitely able to make up the money they spend.