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Google Keyword Estimator Shows Real Search Volumes

By July 15, 2008July 30th, 20237 Comments

Last week the Google AdWords keyword tool started showing approximate search volumes. AdWords advertisers and everyone else in the world can now see the approximate number of search queries carried out on Google for any keyword.

The new feature provides two sets of data:

  1. Approximate search volume for the previous month, which gives the number of times that keyword has been queried in the previous month
  2. Average search volume, which gives the average number of times that keyword has been used, each month, over the last 12 months.

AdWords Keyword Tool showing search volumes

The search volume of any keyword will keep fluctuating from time to time, as net traffic is greatly affected by factors such as seasonality and current events. The volumes that are shown could also change depending on where the tool is accessed from:

  • If the keyword tool is accessed from within an ad group, the statistics available will include details regarding the ad campaign in that particular country and language. If a specific region or city are targeted, then only that region’s statistics are reflected.
  • If the external keywords tool or any third party application built using the Google adWords API is used, then the statistics will vary according to the country and language selected.
  • The statistics provided will also vary depending on whether advertiser selects broad, phrase or exact match when using the tool.

Data about search volumes is especially useful to search advertisers who wish to create new ads around a particular keyword. Knowing the amount of traffic generated by a keyword will help advertisers plan budgets appropriately. It will also allow advertisers to select the most effective keywords, so that the ad can reach a wider audience.

Google’s External Keyword Tool

Google has traditionally been extremely tight-lipped about specific search volumes, click through rates and so on. The past few weeks, though, have seen them opening up and revealing more than they have ever done. first they launched Google Trends for Websites, then the Google Ad Planner and now the search volumes feature on their Keyword Tool. These steps have most likely been taken to help traditional media agencies perceive them as a regular advertising channel rather than a digital oddity.