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Google Search Reclaims Mobile Web Throne

By December 21, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

Opera Mini has released a monthly review regarding the popularity of various websites and handsets used for accessing the web, for the month of November.

The findings show that while Facebook was the most popular site on the mobile in 2009, this year that spot has been taken by Google. Google had held that spot even earlier, before Facebook gained so much popularity in 2009.

Facebook is now down to the number two position among users of the Opera Mini.

The report also reveals that Twitter has also gained in popularity on the mobile and is now ranked at number 13, which is a rise of 8 places since last year. The social site Orkut has also risen in popularity this year.

Out of the top 10 sites on the mobile, 4 of the slots have been occupied by various Russian sites. These are,, and

Yahoo! was at slot number 9 last year but has risen to slot number 7 this year.

It was also reported that the handsets being used most often to access the web have changed considerably in the last year. The most popular brand of handsets being used by Opera Mini users is Nokia, which holds 9 out of the top10 slots. The Apple iPhone comes in at slot number 5 in that list.

The report shows that in November 2010, 44.6 billion pages were served through Opera Mini and 6.3 petabytes of data was compressed by Opera Mini.

Use of the mobile for accessing the web has also grown in Nigeria, U.K. Belarus, Philippines, Poland, Bangladesh, Germany and Turkey, as also in several countries of Latin America.