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One of the major problems that prevents small businesses from advertising on TV or even on Internet video channels, is the cost of creating a TV commercial or video ad. Google has now decided to help potential advertisers further overcome this stumbling block.

The online advertising behemoth had announced a partnership with SpotMixer, back in January 2009, in order to help AdWords and TV advertisers, to create video ad for free. They have now extended this partnership and integrated the SpotMixer service further into Google TV Ads and Google AdWords.

SpotMixer is a tool that allows advertisers to create their own ad directly, through their AdWords campaign. These ads can be displayed on Google TV and on Google’s display network including the very popular video-sharing site, YouTube. Ads can then be shown as often as the advertiser chooses.

Creating video ads on Google AdWords via SpotMixer

This is a very useful move, considering the fact that video viewing is on the rise, as people look for information and entertainment through various devices such as TV, desktops and mobile phones.

In the U.S. the average user is now watching videos for 4 hours a month, which represents a year-on-year increase of 45%.

Existing text ads are converted into a video or TV ad with the help of templates for pacing, transition, design etc. A collection of music, videos and images is also available to choose from, if customers do not have their own content.

For those who already have a video ad, they can upload it onto SpotMixer and have it edited to improve it. Advertisers can also customise their ads to suit different demographics, if they wish to do so. They can also make ads of different lengths and display them as appropriate.

Tracking the performance of each ad is possible by simply providing different contact telephone numbers and destination URLs.