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Mobile data consumption and average mobile page views jump up by 6.0% over the weekends in the UK. However, the number of unique users actually falls.

A recent report on the state of the mobile Web, released by Opera Software, has revealed that different countries have different patterns, as far as surfing the mobile Web is concerned.

Unique Users

Users in two-thirds of the countries surveyed surf the mobile Web more actively on weekdays, while users in the remaining countries are more active on weekends.

The countries that have more unique mobile Web users on weekends are led by Egypt followed by Iran, Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania. In Egypt, there is a 7.6% increases in the number of unique users during weekends.

On the other hand, the leaders as far as weekday usage go are Romania, Belarus, Moldova, the United States and Poland in that order. In these countries there are more users surfing the Internet from a mobile device during weekdays.

Page Views

An interesting point to be noted is that a drop in the number of users, does not necessarily mean a drop in the number of pages viewed. A case in point is the country of Georgia, where there is a drop in the number of users during weekends, but they top the list for growth in pages viewed during the weekend.

In the United Kingdom too, the number of unique users accessing the Web from a mobile device drops by 1.6% over the weekends. However, this smaller number of users consumer a much larger amount of data and register many more page views on average, resulting in a net 6% increase in the number of page views and a 6% increase in data consumption too.

Lars Boilesen, CEO, Opera Software says, “The trends in this edition show that users in different countries do behave differently on the mobile Web. Their reasons to be a ‘weekend surfer’ or a ‘weekday surfer’ may vary, but the statistics remain very consistent throughout the measured period.”

While some countries show more than 10% increase between weekdays to weekends, others show a decrease. Interestingly, the increase in page views from weekday to weekend is almost consistently greater than the decrease after the weekend.