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Growth In Interactive Marketing Channels

By March 30, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

A new study from Forrester Research has found that marketers are investing more heavily in new interactive channels such as RSS, blogs and social media.

The report, based on an online survey of 170 marketers done in December and January, found that 40% of these marketers planned to use or test RSS in 2007, up from 10% last year. Also, 34% planned to use or test blogs, up from 13% last year.

At present, 25% and 22% of marketers use podcasts and user-generated content respectively. While 20% use social networks. This growth not only solidifies the position of interactive marketing as more than just a passing fad, but also heralds changes in the traditional paid search marketing models, as publishers and ad platforms endeavour to offer a broader variety of formats and options to advertisers.