NTT Communications worked with us to generate leads for their data centre services via the promotion of original content.

The aim was to generate at least 10 new leads from the campaign.

We targeted very specific audiences on LinkedIn, Google search, YouTube, and Twitter – channels we believed the target audience were likely to use. Our campaigns delivered results beyond expectations, in terms of conversion rate and volume of conversions.

NTT ad tweet

Platform-specific targeting

For each platform, we identified the ideal method to target audiences. On Twitter, for instance, we targeted specific hashtags, interests, and followers of data centre and enterprise software related accounts, whilst on LinkedIn targeting was based on location, job titles and company size.

Delivering relevant content

Our aim was to drive the most relevant piece of content to the correct person and have them download that content via a click to the white paper itself. The messaging focused on the educational / thought leadership value of the white papers and the fact they contained exclusive interviews with data centre specialists.

NTT data center manager

Controlled user journeys to conversion

Continuous performance improvement

NTT datacenter tweet


Qualified leads delivered, smashing the target

1 Million

Senior IT decision makers reached across all platforms

NTT infographic
NTT white paper


Conversion rate on LinkedIn

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