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CCV Easy Account-Based Marketing

CCV Easy Account-Based Marketing

Payment solutions provider, CCV, collaborated with us to promote CCV Easy, their unattended payment solution, which offers fast, secure ways for companies to process self-service, cashless payments.

A series of trend reports were produced to offer insights into the upcoming changes for industries most likely to be interested in such card-processing terminals: electric vehicle charging, vending machine providers, service stations, and public transport.

These leads were then nurtured by CCV to feed the sales funnel.

Marketing channels

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google Search & Display

CCV Easy ad for German vending machine providers


A hybrid account-based marketing (ABM) strategy was adopted to allow effective targeting and personalisation of messaging. The aim of the campaign was to generate leads via the gated report, by advertising it to leaders in specific industries across Western Europe.

LinkedIn was chosen as the primary channel to target specific companies in the industry, and to target users by interest.

Display, Search and Facebook were used to raise awareness and retarget qualified users. Whilst Lead Gen ads were found to be particularly effective at collecting lead details for further nurturing. In later campaigns, the content offering was mixed up with a real-world event-based freebie to drive even more sign-ups.

CCV Easy ad for service stations


The campaigns targeted named businesses across five key industry verticals in all Western European markets. Over the course of the last year, the results were exceptional.

  • Reached 470,000 qualified potential customers
  • Average cost per lead of €21.07