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Microsoft Acquires Mobile Advertising Firm ScreenTonic

By May 8, 2007July 30th, 20235 Comments

French company ScreenTonic’s mobile solutions provide advertisers with a complete range of ad formats, from display to text, as well as ad management and reporting capabilities. Microsoft have acquired  ScreenTonic  for an undisclosed amount.

This move effectively combines Microsoft’s might and their advertising solutions with the mobile advertising expertise and indsutry relations already established by Screen Tonic.

ScreenTonic will be Microsoft’s second high-profile acquisition in the mobile field. Earlier this year they announced plans to acquire TellMe, a popular US directory service. Whether this activity and growth leads up to Microsoft’s dominance of the mobile search space remains to be seen.

The mobile search market is an open playing field with no definite leader, and a first mover advantage might help Microsoft, however, they still would be up against the brand equity that Google has developed, which makes Googling synonymous with searching.