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Microsoft Launches New Search Marketing Tools

By December 11, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

When it comes to the game of search marketing, it can be easily said that Microsoft is positioned behind Google and Yahoo. However Microsoft now wants to lessen this gap with the launch of three new tools, namely the adCenter Add-in for Excel, adExcellence and the new Webmaster Center.

As a late entrant in field, the first step that Microsoft has to take is lure advertisers. This can be achieved only by showing relevant results which in turn will win users. And this is precisely what they want to do with their new search engine marketing tools.

In the past, they have faced complaints about lack of relevant search results and a lack of traffic. However, now with adExcellence Microsoft wants make its hold on advertiser tools stronger. Following the lines of the Yahoo Ambassador and Google Advertising Professional program, Microsoft intends to provide opportunities and recognise agencies and advertisers proficient with their adCenter platform through adExcellence. The Webmaster Center is going to further this proficiency by aiding organic search optimisers. Though comparisons between Webmaster Center and Google’s Webmaster tools seem inevitable, it should not deter Microsoft.

Microsoft might have low traffic but if they can provide pertinent information then it won’t be long before they start scoring on this front. Microsoft has definitely taken a step in the right direction but one important question remains, when will it launch something new and untried; instead of just playing second fiddle to its competitors in its quest to catch up on search engine marketing?