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A new study conducted by Juniper Research shows that the consumption of mobile adult content is set to grow and in turn the revenue generated through it will also increase.

The report explores various models to monetize the mobile adult content sector and also provides billing mechanisms for the same.

According to the report the increased use of tablets worldwide, will result in a substantial increase in the use of adult content on these devices. The usage is expected to triple by 2015.

While the use of adult videochat on tablets is set to triple by 2015, the total revenue generated on tablets is likely to increase five fold by 2017.

Charlotte Miller, the author of the report says, “Tablets combine the privacy of a smartphone with a large screen, particularly suited for content consumption,”

The study has conducted interviews with several companies that generate adult content. FriendFinder Networks, Cherrysauce, SexGoes Mobile, Manwin, and Vivid Entertainment were among the companies studied and interviewed to name a few.

According to Charlotte Miller one draw back of tablets is that often a tablet is shared by different people and this could be an obstacle to the use of adult content on these devices.

This report is a good support for those who are already in the adult content industry as well as those who intend to enter it.