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Mobile Gambling Wagers To Surpass $48 Billion By 2015

By September 7, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

A recent study conducted by Juniper Research has found that mobile gambling is growing fast and should cross the $48 billion mark by the year 2015.

They also found that this growth has been largely spurred on by China. Lottery deployments such as mobile lotteries have become big business, in the developing markets across the world.

It is also assumed that deregulation of remote gambling may follow in the not too distant future, thus further spurring its growth.

The report indicates that this growth is the result of a combination of services such as mobile casinos, lotteries and betting services which have become popular in the emerging internet markets like China.

The iPAT service of Japan Racing Association is one of the major contributors to the global marketing transactions.

Also casino and betting services in U.K. are large contributors here, while China follows in third place for mobile gambling.

It is also expected that the U.S. will soon introduce mobile lottery services. The Juniper report says. “State lottery providers are anxious to explore new distribution channels, with US lottery sales from traditional outlets in decline. The upshot is that several lotteries are in the latter stages of discussion with mobile technology providers with a view to launching mobile lottery services in 2011.”

It has also been found that end-users use mobile gaming applications while multitasking.
Apple has now permitted the sale of gaming Apps via the App Store, while other service providers have a browser based approach.