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Mobile Video Search Is Here, Courtesy Of JuiceCaster

By January 11, 2008July 30th, 20234 Comments

Juice Wireless Inc. has just launched a brand new service via their JuiceCaster mobile social networking platform that allows users to search for user-posted videos from a handheld device. The new service is called Mobile Video Search (MVS).

Screenshot of JuiceCaster Mobile Video SearchJuiceCaster’s MVS is the first application of its kind and it will be free! Anybody who has a mobile phone capable of viewing video can utilise this service. All one has to do is send an SMS message with the desired video name or keywords to ‘84462’ in the USA. The search tool will reply back immediately with links to the queried video. The service works on almost all video-enabled mobile phones.

The Mobile Video Search engine is primeval in its search technology. It merely matches keywords to videos based on their metadata. It will, however, enable users worldwide to view all sorts of content – commercials, music, entertainment, documentaries etc. directly on their phones, prompting further development of the mobile Internet market. Students and  businessmen can now quickly and easily mobilize and share information by uploading their videos and tagging them appropriately.

MVS might not be extremely innovative but it will be a pathbreaker, leading to the creation of better mobile search applications combining wireless, video and search operations into one simple procedure. JuiceCaster will offer a free WAP and SMS version as well as paid Brew and Java versions for download.

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