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Mobile Web Growing Fastest In Developing Countries

By December 23, 2009July 30th, 20232 Comments

Everybody has been predicting that the mobile Web is set to grow bigger than it already is, and 2009 had even been called the year of the mobile Web (like almost every other year in this decade!). But it’s not just a bunch of PR hype.

Predictions about the growth of the mobile Internet have actually come true, and what is most striking about the phenomenal growth of the mobile Web is the fact that it is growing fastest in developing countries, like those in Africa and South Asia.

Norway-based company, Opera Software, which develops Web browsers for desktops, mobiles and Wii consoles has reported that they recorded over 41.7 million users in November 2009, which is 5.3% higher than the previous month and 154% higher than November 2008. Of this, the most remarkable growth was seen in Africa, South East Asia, South Asia and East Asia.

The report, which is released every month, showed that in the top ten countries in Africa, the number of page views went up by 374%, the number of unique users went up by 177% and the amount of data transfer went up by 183% between November 2008 and November 2009.

They also reported that the top 10 countries for mobile web growth worldwide were Russia, Indonesia, India, China, Ukraine, South Africa, U.S.A, U.K., Vietnam and Poland, in that order.

Use of the latest technology now available was found to be continually going up, even in the times of recession, as this technology can help people overcome their day-to-day hardships.