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MySpace Launches Free Ad Funded Mobile Version

By December 18, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

Fox Interactive Media has launched a free, ad-funded mobile version of its social networking site MySpace. The new mobile version of MySpace will now work on all US mobile carrier networks.

Screenshot of MySpace mobileMySpace Mobile had primarily been a service based on subscriptions available to Helio and AT&T subscribers until now. However, the new version will work on all the networks in US. MySpace users will be able to carry out the normal functions such as sending and receiving messages and friend requests, searching for friends, updating blogs, posting bulletins and commenting on pictures.

In the initial stages, the ads will be in the form of banners and sponsored links. In due course, MySpace will focus on targeted advertising and location based ads.

The launch can be seen as an initiative by Fox Interactive to expand the reach of MySpace and step up to the competitive threat posed by Facebook. Social networking sites are increasingly being banned in educational institutes and work places. This has prompted users to turn to their mobile handsets to access these sites. In addition, the number of mobile Internet users accessing social networks from their phones while on the go has increased significantly. MySpace wants to tap into this mobile user base with this new ad-funded version of their site.