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Newspaper Ads And Gadget Ads On AdWords

By September 21, 2007July 30th, 2023One Comment

Google AdWords has announced two new features in the short span of the last 48 hours. First came the introduction of Google Gadget Ads, followed by the release of the Google Print Ads creative tool yesterday.

Newspaper Ads Tool

Google Print Ads has been available to US AdWords advertisers since July. The announcement yesterday introduced an easy-to-use newspaper ad creation tool, that lets advertisers upload an image and write a short description to generate a number of ad designs they can choose from.

The new tools interface allows advertisers to resize images and change the message and layout within the tool itself. Existing ads can also be modified and reused. At present Google allows six pre-defined ad sizes that can be viewed along with sample newspaper ads, two of which are shown below:

Sample Google Newspaper Ads

AdWords Gadget Ads

Gadget Ads, the other feature release this week, has raised a lot more interest in the marketing community. Gadget ads are non-standard ad units that allow advertisers to incorporate real-time data feeds, images, video and much more in a single creative unit that can be developed using Flash, HTML or a combination of both.

At present, Gadget Ads will only be available to a select group of advertisers who are already advertising using multimedia ad formats on AdWords. This is partly due to the high level of technical expertise required to configure this ad format.

The video below shows Marissa Meyer, Vice President, Search Products & User Experience at Google explaining the concept and benefits of Google Gadgets:

“The introduction of this new advertising format provides advertisers and agencies worldwide with an imaginative, dynamic way to interact with consumers,” said Susan Wojcicki, Google’s vice president of product management. “Google Gadget Ads are built on an open platform that enables distribution across the Google content network and can be shared on iGoogle and other personalized web pages.”

View the full Gadget Ads press release here.