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ROK Promotes Bluetooth Marketing

By October 9, 2008July 30th, 20232 Comments

ROK Entertainment Group, a global mobile entertainment company, has launched a new application that will allow advertisers to create and manage advertising campaigns using Bluetooth on their own.

The new application, called ROK Promoter, will enable advertisers to not only create and transmit their ads directly to their customers, but will also let them monitor the effectiveness of their campaigns without requiring any outside help.

Through the ROK Promoter, videos and images will automatically adjust themselves to fit the size of different mobile screens. It will also be able to handle several different Bluetooth transmitters in various locations and will provide statistics regarding the impact of various ad campaigns on the audience.

“Opt-in, one-to-one marketing, through mobile phones and, in particular, being able to reach customers at that crucial point where buying decisions are being made, is becoming ever-more important and valuable to advertisers, says Laurence Alexander, Group CEO of ROK, “so we set out to make the process of creating, delivering and monitoring such campaigns as easy as possible for advertisers.”

As the initial set up cost of proximity marketing via Bluetooth is relatively low, it has become quite an attractive proposition for advertisers. Licenses will be available to advertisers on a weekly, monthly and long term basis as per their requirements. Advertisers can interact with consumers on their mobile phone by setting up Bluetooth transmitters in locations where they believe they can catch their niche audiences.

Bluetooth marketing had taken a back seat in the past as it required specialised companies to provide services, but with the launch of ROK Promoter things could change quickly.