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Will Google Start A Micro-Blogging Search Engine?

By June 15, 2009July 30th, 2023No Comments

The ever growing popularity of the micro-blogging site, Twitter, and the large number of microblogs being constantly posted on it, have made it extremely difficult for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

A recent report on the Google Operating System blog has said that Google will launch a new micro-blogging search service, which will be capable of first sorting out the results according to their relevance and then integrating them into its own search engine, in a way similar to what is done on their Google Blog Search.

This news has not yet been confirmed by Google, but Marissa Mayer, Google’s chief of Product Search has hinted at the possibility of such a development. She said, “we are interested in being able to offer, for example, micro-blogging and micro-messaging in our search. Particularly in Blog Search and possibly in Web Search, but we don’t have any particular plans to announce.”

If such a service is launched, it will be beneficial to users, as it would make it much easier to look up the latest stories and trends on Twitter.

Doug Coleman from ReadWriteWeb points out that if Google were to create such a service, it would be important to factor in things such as the number of followers a person has, the author’s authority in Twitter’s social graph, replies, re-tweets, posting frequency and other stats in addition to the frequency of usage of keywords or the development of current events to base the search results on.