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Working Moms Work The Mobile

By September 30, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

It would be reasonable for most people to assume that the demographic of people who use the mobile phone the most, would be the typical high profile executive, or the youngsters in school and college who like to chat with and SMS their friends constantly. But, surprisingly, according to a survey by Scarborough Research this is very far from the actual facts.

The study conducted by Scarborough Research has shocked most people by revealing that as a matter of fact it is the working mom who makes the maximum use of mobile phones.

A working mom has been classified as a lady who has a full time job and at least one child at home.

Thinking about it, it does make sense that these multi-tasking women should make full use of the technology available to them, in order to be able to coordinate the several tasks that need to be done by them. This way they can be reasonably sure that things are in control back home, when they are away at work or commuting between their homes and place of work.

According to the study, the average mobile telecoms bill incurred by a working mom is $94 which is 21% more than that of the average mobile user in the U.S.

What is even more of an eye-opener is the fact that these working moms do not use the mobile phone only to make and receive calls and messages, but they are also likely to download content from the Internet on their mobile phones.

These ladies have also been found to be responsible for the purchase and use of several other high tech gadgets in their homes, which would help them to do save time by doing their work faster and thus enabling them to accomplish more in a given span of time.