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X-Factor Shows Meteoric Mobile Traffic Rise

By December 17, 2009July 30th, 2023One Comment

Reality shows on T.V. really have their audiences engaged, and this spills over into increased mobile web traffic. One of the most popular shows in the UK, X-Factor proves this.

The Internet mobility company Novarra, has released data that clearly highlights this fact. According to Novarra, mobile page views of sites related to the X-Factor went up by 15,000 percent between September and December, and they reached a peak during the final.

Incidentally, mobile traffic and page views also peaked every Saturday and Sunday when the live weekly show and eviction were being held.

During the final, which was held on 13th December, 19 million people watched the show and 10 million votes were sent in. The mobile page views also went up by 55 percent compared to the previous week, and were the highest recorded during the entire duration of the reality show.

Mobile Web users also seemed to have clear favourites. Contrary to expectations ‘Jedward’ did not generate much traffic, and in fact the popularity of the show increased after their exit by 122 percent, and a further 85 percent the week after that.

The second highest page views, on the other hand, were recorded on Sunday 25th October when early favorite Danyl Johnson struggled to get through.

These findings could make a clearly case for the popularity of the mobile Internet. However, Novarra has not released any absolute numbers. Hence, we don’t actually know if the 15,000% mobile traffic increase they’re referring to was just a jump from 1 page view to 15,000 page views or something more significant.