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Yahoo! Announces Mobile Bookmarking Service onePlace

By March 7, 2008July 30th, 2023One Comment

Smart mobile applications seem to be rolling out every fortnight from Yahoo! This week they announced the launch of Yahoo! onePlace, a mobile smart bookmarking service that will allow users to conveniently organize all sorts of content in one place and keep it automatically updated.

Screenshot of Yahoo! onePlaceDue for launch in Q2 2008, Yahoo! onePlace will allow mobile users to bookmark any piece of content with a single click in one convenient place.

A built-in RSS reader and image and video management system allows users to link to news feeds, websites, videos, images, emails, search queries and all content that has already been personalized on other Yahoo! services such as Flickr and MyYahoo!

Yahoo! onePlace will be more sophisticated than their other bookmarking service, The service will allow users to create collections and bundle all related information within a collection.

Every piece of information that is bookmarked will also be categorised and kept up to date automatically. The sytem will provide users a quick overview of everything that has changed in the mobile users world, via a feature called Pulse and even provide a favourites view to provide quick access to the content they view most frequently.

onePlace will be bundled with oneSearch, Yahoo! Go 3.0 and oneConnect to provide a mobile experience that goes far beyond plain-vanilla search.

Yahoo! have realised that they will not win against Google in a race to dominate search on the desktop or on mobile. Instead, they are doing what they are best at – creating a portal and a host of services that users are likely to keep coming back to.