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YouTube Mobile Improves Functionality

By July 15, 2010July 30th, 2023No Comments

The mobile Internet has been growing at an exponential rate and YouTube mobile is no exception. The YouTube mobile site, which was launched on mobile devices as recently as 2007, has grown quickly and in 2009 it grew almost 160% over the previous year.

In fact, as of now, YouTube Mobile receives over 100 million video playbacks daily, which is about the same number of playbacks, which used to get in 2006 when they joined Google.

When YouTube Mobile was launched in 2007, it had only about 1,000 videos available on the mobile site. There were also several limitations in the site, mobile browsers and the hardware then available, thus preventing the YouTube Mobile from being as good as the experience.

YouTube has, however, been working hard to constantly update and improve their mobile site to provide better features tot heir users.

They have recently updated the site yet again, making it much faster than before. The new interface also has more touch friendly features. It also now has most of the features and functionality available on such as search query suggestions, the ability to create playlists etc. It also allows users to put in marks such as ‘favourites’ ‘like’ ‘unlike’ etc. directly from the mobile handset.

YouTube also intends to henceforth update YouTube Mobile every time they update

These features have only been launched in English for now, but other languages should follow shortly.