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UK Search Spend Up 19%

Search spend in has increased year-on-year by 14% in the USA and 19% in the UK, according to a new report on the state of digital marketing. Read more →

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Retargeting Generates Most Brand Lift

comScore and ValueClick Media recently released findings from a study titled “When Money Moves Digital, Where Should It Go?”, which investigates the effectiveness of various forms of online display advertising with regards to cost efficiency and return on investment. Read more →

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Google AdWords Launches Bid Simulator Feature

Google AdWords is now rolling out a new feature called Bid Simulator, which shows advertisers what sort of click volume they might expect at various cost per click bid amounts. Read more →

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Minimum Bids Fluidised On Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing has changed the rules of their game again. Until last week the minimum bid for sponsored search keywords was a fixed $.10. Now Yahoo! has decided to remove this fixed minimum bid. Over the next few days they will induct new minimum bids for keywords. Read more →

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Google Launches New Conversion Tracking Tool

AdWords conversion tracking has been updated for the first time in years. The new system allows advertisers to classify conversion actions and track them separately. Read more →

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Bad News For Display Advertising

Advertisers working with a pay per click platform will not be pleased to hear the most recent findings from a recent study done by comScore, Starcom Media, and Tacoda. The study has found that about half of all clicks generated on display ads are generated by only 6 percent of Web Surfers. Read more →

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Google AdWords Conversion Tracking Fails On Mobile

Google AdWords conversion tracking uses JavaScript and HTML code that is placed by advertisers on their website’s conversion (customer acquisition) page, to track which user clicks have resulted in a conversion. This data is then reported back to the advertiser in the form of the number of conversions per keyword. This system fails on mobile devices and gives incorrect data. Read more →

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AdWords Site Targeting Allows Placement Targeting and CPC

An official announcement from the Google AdWords team on the Inside AdWords blog announced the availability of two new features for advertisers using site targeting on the content network: Placement Targeting and Cost Per Click bidding. Read more →

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