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Mobile Ad Networks To Get Integrated With DoubleClick Mobile

By May 5, 2008July 30th, 2023No Comments

DoubleClick Mobile, the group that offers advertising delivery systems for mobile phones, will now integrate with various other mobile ad networks including AdMob, Google AdSense for mobile content, Millenial Media’s premium MBrand network and Decktrade.

This announcement will be good news for mobile publishers. It will eventually improve their income through automated access to various networks, thus helping to fill available inventory. The earlier practice often tied down publishers to a single network. Now they are in a position to choose whichever network offers them the best deal.

Ari Paparo, DoubleClick’s product manager says, “This integration is a great example of how DoubleClick is working with key industry players, to bring value to publishers by enhancing the liquidity of mobile display inventory. Publishers who have a tie up with DoubleClick Mobile will be able to sell mobile inventory indirectly through any of the above networks.

DoubleClick Mobile will provide details about what inventory has sold directly, what has been taken up by the ad networks and what is still available for sale. Publishers will have better income earning potential through direct and indirect sale of ads.

Paul Palmieri, President and CEO of Millenial Media, believes that the tie up with DoubleClick Mobile will allow publishers to accept ads from their own roster of leading advertisers without limiting their right to direct sales, thereby bringing more publishers into mobile advertising. Although DoubleClick is a part of Google, they have decided to remain neutral (for now) in order to benefit their publishers.

With the number of mobile Internet users increasing, publishers are naturally expected to try and use this opportunity to the best possible extent to maximise both direct and indirect sales.