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Nuance Launches GPS-Based Mobile Voice Search Solution

By August 9, 2007July 30th, 2023One Comment

Nuance have today launched a one-click mobile search and messaging application that is driven entirely by natural voice commands. The subscription-based service can presently be used only with BlackBerry smart phones, which contain the application integrated with the device’s built-in GPS.

Users of the new system can conduct location-based business searches (411 in the USA) and receive driving directions using voice destination entry.

Mobile voice search is not a new concept in itself. Google have release in beta a voice-activated local search system back in April this year. Their system is free, unlike the one by Nuance, and is likely to gain much more traction once it is made available.

“Combining speech recognition with GPS functionality allows easy access to feature-rich location-based capabilities using simple voice commands,” said Michael Thompson, VP of mobile search and communications at Nuance.

At present, there are no further details available to enable comparing the Nuance system with the Google offering. Within this new, narrow market that is predicted to grow quickly, Nuance Voice Control is the first location-based mobile voice search application that uses natural speech as its input mechanism.

With a price tag of $6.00 per month, a few lazy people might choose to purchase the application. Mass market adoption, though, will likely elude Nuance and will most probably happen whenever Google starts to promote their own free solution. Nuance Voice Control can be downloaded directly from their website: