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Rumours About GPhone (Google’s Mobile Device) Abound

By August 8, 2007July 30th, 2023One Comment

Talk about a mobile device being designed by Google has been heard in online circles for the past few months. Speculation has ranged from ideas that the search giant might build a revolutionary device that rivals Apple’s iPhone and provide free mobile services to more tame ideas that Google is likely to provide software that will be embedded within many mobile devices of the future.

Since the 2nd of August, rumours have once again picked up speed, first with the Wall Street Journal printing an article about Google creating a tailored mobile phone handset customised to carry pre-installed Google products, including its search engine, email and a new mobile Web browser.

Conceptualisation Of Google's Mobile Phone Handset - GPhone

Spokespersonnel at the search engine continue to maintain discretion about any plans whatsoever to tackle the mobile handset, software or services markets. Their standard reply is noncommittal as always: “Our ultimate goal is to help users access the information they want, no matter when or where they want it. Our users and partners want Google search and Google applications on mobile, and we are working hard to deliver that.”

The tremendous benefits and competitive advantages of having their software preinstalled on mobile phones are obvious to Google and everyone in the marketing community. If Google were to succeed with this strategy, they could easily gain dominance over the mobile advertising market, which is predicted to be worth over £5 Billion within the next 4 years.

No wonder then, that any mention of a GPhone seems to make every tech blog, business publication and even national newspaper take notice.