Talking Sense Events

Join us at our next event… discover the latest ideas and thinking from leaders in the digital marketing industry.

Talking Sense Events focus on inspiring topics for marketers to discover ideas that boost campaign performance, activities that create real value, and actions that deliver sustainable commercial growth.

Talking Sense Events are jointly created and produced by AccuraCast and Ratio Creative, with guest sessions featuring thought leaders from the marketing and advertising industry. Events are held regularly throughout the year at locations in central London.

Events Calendar

21 Oct 2021 - International Business Growth Masterclass

Learn how to grow your business globally with better marketing in this half-day masterclass led by Farhad Divecha. For the first time, we’re offering spaces on a half-day digital course to share the way we help brands like Emirates, LG, and UFC break into new markets. Reserve your spot now for £799 at

15 Jul 2021 - MGS Expand - International Growth: Making it big in the age of COVID

AccuraCast Founder and MD, Farhad Divecha, will host a fireside chat with Benedikt Brandmeier, Head of Business Development for Drone Champions League (DCL), about international growth. Discover how, together, they built a global fan base for DCL, reaching a staggering 30 million fans worldwide, in one of the most difficult years ever faced.

13 May 2021 - MGS Optimize

With a focus on everything mobile optimization-related – from marketing optimization to development optimization to business optimization, the Mobile Growth Association's Optimize event is an exclusive show with around 200+ attendees. The event will feature speakers from AccuraCast.

Apr 2021 - Talking Sense Webinar

Webinar on preparing for a world without third-party tracking cookies. Details to be announced.

17 Mar 2021 - [Webinar] Prepare for a future of performance marketing without cookies

Learn how you can prepare for a world of performance marketing without third-party performance tracking cookies.

10 Mar 2021 - Travel Marketing and PR Conference

Our MD, Farhad Divecha will lead a workshop on 'Preparing for a Cookie-less Future' at the ABTA Travel Marketing and PR virtual Conference.

04 Jun 2020 - Mobile Growth Association GVC

International expansion can be costly and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be! Farhad Divecha dissects the international growth strategies of the most popular apps. Learn how to leverage your data, and use the latest tools and technology to drive rapid growth across multiple regions at scale.

26 Feb 2020 - Influencer Marketing 2.0

Let’s talk about the evolution of influencer marketing. How travel and retail brands can control influencer campaigns to boost sales while minimising risks.

How to Drive Rapid International Growth at Scale

Farhad Divecha’s session at the Mobile Growth Association’s global virtual conference on 4 Jun 2020