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Talking Sense Events

Join us at our next event… discover the latest ideas and thinking from leaders in the digital marketing industry.

Talking Sense Events focus on inspiring topics for marketers to discover ideas that boost campaign performance, activities that create real value, and actions that deliver sustainable commercial growth.

Talking Sense Events are jointly created and produced by AccuraCast and Ratio Creative, with guest sessions featuring thought leaders from the marketing and advertising industry. Events are held regularly throughout the year at locations in central London.

Book your place at the next Talking Sense Event by clicking the link to the official Eventbrite registration page for the event.

3 Jul '19 Marketing In An Automated World

Join us for this afternoon meet-up which will cover AI, automation within marketing, creativity & tech combine to create compelling brand experiences.

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TBD Future of Sports Marketing

Join us for this meet-up to discover what’s next for marketers in the sports industry.

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TBD Influencer Marketing 2.0

Let’s talk about the evolution of influencer marketing. How travel and retail brands can control influencer campaigns to boost sales while minimising risks.

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