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Social Media Marketing For Travel

Social media represents a significant opportunity for travel brands, not only to reach new prospects, but also to sustain and develop relationships with existing and previous customers. We can help you engage customers at every stage of the buying cycle.

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Travel and hospitality brands we work with

Social media platforms provide the perfect opportunities to inspire and engage with travellers…

Wherever in the world your brand’s customers are, we can help you to establish and nurture relationships on all of the major social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter and Pinterest.

We use the social platforms to deliver authentic, natural messaging and stimulate engagement; the precursor to those valuable relationships that are vital to a travel brand’s success.

Whether you’re promoting an airline, a hotel, a destination, or an experience, engaging on the right channels with the right messages at the right time, is key to benefitting from the power of the social networks.

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Delivering better engagement through social media

The key to better engagement in the competitive industries of travel, tourism and hospitality, is content. When people plan trips and holidays, they want to be inspired by content and imagery, which makes it easy to imagine those destinations and experiences.

We work with our clients to create a robust social strategy. We then produce dynamic, visually engaging campaigns, tailored to individual stages of the travel booking cycle, so that your brand is seen in the right place, at the right time.

Optimising campaigns for every unique customer journey

We’re experts at identifying traveller personas, understanding their desires, what motivates them, where they hang-out online, and how they prefer to converse. This will allow you to communicate with confidence and sincerity, even at massive scale.

Working closely with your teams, we help you understand where social media fits into your customers’ end-to-end journey. Enabling automation with your data lets us quickly build custom solutions that work for you and your business.

A two-day workshop by AccuraCast helped us to focus on basics. Basics are crucial to be able to build a proper marketing strategy. The interactive and eye-opening workshops gave us a lot of input to consider in the future.

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Tapping into every social networking opportunity

As a Facebook Business Partner, AccuraCast brings technical knowledge and experience you need to get the maximum benefit out of the ever-changing social platforms. We adopt the latest tools and features for our clients, to give them the best competitive advantage.

Specific to the travel industry, we can configure multilingual, multi-currency Facebook travel catalogues, dynamic travel ads, and travel discovery commerce, so that your brand can be optimised in real-time, for millions of views, in multiple locations worldwide.

Using data intelligence to keep audiences engaged

We are all about creative use of data and analytics to keep up with the evolution of customer behaviours, and to create campaigns which will engage audiences by speaking their language in the right context.

When we spot opportunities in the travel, tourism & hospitality industry, we can interrogate and interpret the performance data to target your social campaigns at the right people, in the right moment. We then test, optimise, and fine tune to maximise the return on your investment.

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