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Coldwell Banker Launch Mobile Real Estate Search

By March 9, 2007July 30th, 2023No Comments

MobileAgent is a brand new tool launched by Coldwell Banker Diamond, a well-known US real estate group. The new service is supposed to be the only real estate mobile search. It currently allows customers to browse live property listings in Philadelphia from their mobile devices.

The service seems to be a bit dated considering it actually uses mobile search via SMS, which was big 2 years ago, but has since graduated to mobile Internet search. That said, the idea in itself is sound. In fact, it is very surprising that no one in Europe came up with a similar product yet, considering the much higher use of mobile and the booming property market.

People driving by a neighbourhood they like can now search properties in the area directly from their mobile devices. This could be a great way for real estate agents to pull more people in. A simple mobile search marketing campaign could lead to many more customer walk-ins for most high street estate agencies.