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Google Partners will soon shut down three features that promised to be enticing perks, but turned out to be a source of angst for most AdWords agencies:

  1. Leads
  2. Google Partner Search
  3. Insights

All three features will be turned off in April 2018. An email from Google Partners said:

“You’ll still see the contact information for any previous leads. Your company profile page will stay live, and you can continue to link to it from your company’s Partner or Premier Partner badge. Please visit Academy for Ads for Google’s e-learning courses, exams and certifications, and check Think with Google for market insights and trends.”

Right from the start, the Partner Search algorithm seemed flawed, making it the subject of ridicule among agencies – after all, you’d expect Google’s agency marketing portal to at least deliver a good search function!

This is part of an on-going revamp of the entire AdWords ecosystem, which began in early 2017. Many of the features in the Google Partners portal will move to the new AdWords experience. The Partners qualification portal has already moved to Academy for Ads.

Could the Partners incentive programme, Game On, be next? Should it be? Tweet us your thoughts on whether Game On should be axed too.