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Microsoft Live Search Now On Facebook

By October 10, 2008July 30th, 20233 Comments

Microsoft made an investment of $240 million in Facebook, almost exactly one year ago. Facebook and Microsoft Live Search have now launched their first joint application.

Facebook users in the U.S.A. will now be able to “Search Facebook” or “Search the Web”. Relevant ads from Microsoft adCenter will be shown along with the search results.

Henceforth when Facebook users type a query in the search bar, there will be a drop down menu alongside, giving them the choice to search the Web if they so desire. The results of this search will be provided on a new page of Facebook, and related ads will be found on the right hand side of the page.

Ad relevance will be based largely on the search query, but could also factor in the user profile and settings in the near future. This is the first actual collaboration between Facebook and Live Search. Future developments between the two will be made based on the response and feedback received from their clients.

Facebook has now become the largest social network worldwide and is also fast growing in popularity in the U.S. though MySpace still remains the number one social network there. This collaboration should give an additional impetus to Microsoft Live Search, which should now start receiving more queries, thus generating more revenue in the process.

Live Search on Facebook. Image courtesy of Ars Technica