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UK Football Clubs Launch Bluetooth Marketing

By January 18, 2008July 30th, 20235 Comments

As many as seven British football clubs have joined forces with mobile marketing company, Bluepod Media, to implement bluetooth-based marketing campaigns around their stadiums, on days when a match is scheduled to be played there.

The campaign will allow football clubs to create and distribute marketing messages to football fans. The seven clubs who have started this innovative service are Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City, West Ham, Portsmouth, Wigan Athletic, Wolverhampton and Celtic F.C.

Spectators at any of these stadiums will receive club profiles, fixtures, news and manager notes. This service will be provided free of cost to spectators as it has been decided that the cost will be absorbed by the brands that are advertising on these networks at a rate of £0.40 to £0.70 per download.

During a recent match held at Portsmouth, a trial run was conducted with extremely encouraging results. About 31 percent of the fans decided to download the trailer of a film.

The managing director of Bluepod Media Mr. John Scorah says of this new venture, “brands waste millions of pounds targeting football fans on match days via traditional media, which is both uninspiring and not measurable. We now offer brands the opportunity to create a one-to-one relationship with fans that adds value to their matchday experience.”