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More than half of the world’s online population speak languages other than English, representing important and relatively untapped audiences, and the potential for huge growth in business.

AccuraCast specialises in helping our clients expand their search engine optimisation and pay-per-click marketing campaigns to reach these audiences worldwide. We have implemented successful multilingual SEO and PPC campaigns for companies as diverse as Stella Artois, Emirates airline, and insurance company Europ Assistance. Whether you are branching out to reach affluent consumers in Western Europe, or mass audiences in the developing economies, we can help you to talk their language.

Range Of Multilingual Services

Why we’re first for multilingual services

Native speakers – in 16 major global languages.

Multilingual experts – our team combines language skills with search engine marketing expertise.

Knowledge of cultures and societies – we are more than simply language experts. Our team is drawn from many countries and cultures, bringing in-depth understanding of cultural nuances.

Specialists in multilingual marketing – we have extensive experience in running multilingual campaigns for companies large and small.

Open up new markets – easily extend your existing campaigns into new markets and territories.

Proven ROI – simply translating keywords into foreign languages can lead to costly mistakes. Our experts will ensure your money is spent wisely, and the right audiences are targeted.

Importance of dedicated SEM for each language

Every language has its own nuances. Common phrases in one language can mean something completely different if poorly translated. Technical terminology often requires special awareness of the local linguistics. It’s vital, therefore, that companies marketing products and services in multiple countries be able to fully grasp the local tradition and languages.

Much more than just translation

At AccuraCast, we understand that localising websites and marketing campaigns is about far more than simply translation. It’s also about cultures, perspectives, attitudes and approaches. There’s a subtlety to the process – and we bring a unique perspective. On our profile pages you’ll see our team has a truly international flavour.

We’ve managed campaigns in more than a dozen languages, including: French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Greek, Japanese, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Korean and Chinese. We also know these cultures and understand their economies and societies. This means that we can bring our flair, our experience and our innovation to bear virtually anywhere in the world where you do business.

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