Facebook Pixel Support

Advanced support for Facebook advertising and measurement solutions covering Pixel setup, event tracking, custom conversions, and advanced matching.

Facebook Business Partners

We’re one of the most experienced Facebook Business Partners in the world with extensive knowledge of implementing technical solutions. We’re experts known for our ability to maximise Facebook advertising with data and technology including Facebook Pixel, custom event tracking, and even server-side measurement.

Pixel setup

Implement pixel-based tracking in challenging web and mobile environments on a range of platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Adobe, and Google Tag Manager.

Accurate performance measurement

Unlock the potential to grow your business with better-optimised ad campaigns that use accurate signals.

Take the guesswork out of finding your best-performing campaigns, creative, and most popular products or services. Accurate tracking is fundamental to the success of a data-led performance marketing strategy.

We also offer advanced, server-side tracking with the Facebook conversions API.

Meta Advertising API Specialist
Meta Mobile Ad Technical Specialist
Troubleshoot a range of pixel-related issues:
  • Misconfigured events
  • Double-counting events
  • Low customer match rates
  • Conversion tracking errors
  • Missing values in purchase events
  • Incorrect parameters
  • Multiple pixels

Need technical assistance with Facebook Pixel?

The team at AccuraCast have a very positive and friendly demeanor which makes working with them a very pleasant experience. Our account manager understands people's needs extremely well and provides well-reflected and effective solutions.

Georgy Bickerdyke - Global Link Services

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