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Sport Trends Dominate Search This Summer

With the World Cup in Brazil having come to an end, the Tour De France picking up speed and tennis fans still coming down from the Wimbledon high, it’s no surprise to find out that sport has been dominating the news for the past few months. Read more →

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Facebook Deserves Retribution For Psychological Tests On Humans

For once, Facebook is not in the line of fire for violating user privacy. Instead, they’re in an even bigger, hotter mess this time. 689,003 users were subject to psychological testing by the social network, without their knowledge or consent. And that’s not the worst part of it. Read more →

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Search Trends During FIFA World Cup 2014

Football fever has spread truly worldwide this year, with searches surrounding the World Cup dominating trends on Google for most of this month. Over 1.1 billion related searches have been carried out on Google since the first of 44 matches that have been played so far. And the resulting trends are both funny and intriguing… Read more →

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Mobile Manufacturing Emissions To Increase 31.9% By 2019

In the wake of a number of indecisive climate summits, the global drive for change in environmental matters appears to have diminished. This inertia is having an impact on the mobile industry, where annual supply chain greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) are expected to reach 115.5 megatonnes by 2019 – the equivalent to 60 years of flights from London Heathrow airport or the annual emissions from 22.6 million cars. Read more →

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Pinterest Announce First Revenue Source: Promoted Pins

Pinterest has begun working with a number of select brands to test out its new way of selling advertising space, called ‘Promoted Pins’, which will feature on its search and category feeds. The social bookmarking company has been building its …

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Opera Mini Brings Internet To Africa

Opera Mini is a proxy-based web browser for mobile phones, which compresses data down to as little as 10 per cent of its original size, allowing for a seamless browsing experience regardless of bandwidth. This tool has been extremely popular in Africa, where fixed broadband reaches only 0.3 per cent of the total population. Read more →

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15 Headlines Written In The Style Of Different Media Publications

Every newspaper, blog and magazine has its own style of writing and grabbing the attention of its target readers. We thought it would be a fun idea to examine the differences between a number of online publications. What are the values and aspirations of the media websites we use every day?

Here are 15 different headlines of articles, as we imagine they would be written, about Prince George Alexander Louis, royal son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Read more →

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Mobile Search Advertising Set To Exceed $16 Billion

The proportion of the population now using their phones to browse the internet has risen at an extraordinary rate. In fact, according to Nielsen, Americans now spend more time browsing the web using mobile devices than they do on their desktop computers. Read more →

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The Real Top 100 Digital Agencies?

TrophyIn 2013, Econsultancy ranked the top 100 digital agencies, based on income. We compared these rankings to Google’s own ranking of the top digital agencies for UK searchers. The degree of overlap was shocking, to say the least.

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Mobile Retailing: An Opportunity for Advertisers?

The rate with which the popularity of mobile and contactless payments is rising is astounding and, in many ways, this is revolutionising the way we’re both organising and spending our money.

Retailers are now recognising the opportunity of mobile retail …

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Paid Search Travel Ads Prior To “Sunshine Saturday”

It is expected that this Saturday will be the busiest day of the year in terms of holiday bookings, with the 11th of January being dubbed “Sunshine Saturday”. Evidently this offers a huge opportunity to travel agents and it is …

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A Quick Look at PPC ads on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day is less than 24 hours away, so we thought it might be a good time to take a look into who is advertising for the search term “Christmas Gifts” on Google. Analysing the ads appearing at this stage …

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It’s Been a Busy Week For Facebook…

It’s only Tuesday, but Facebook is already grabbing this week’s headlines for a number of reasons including developments in their offerings and data on Facebook usage. One of the biggest developments for Facebook has been the addition of a donate …

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Popularity of Smart Glasses to Rise Until 2018

Did you know that wearable computers have been existence since the 1970′s, being used solely within the academic community? Probably not, but we’re all aware of the recent emergence of smart glasses and other innovation in wearable devices. The development …

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Seasonal Advertising: An Analysis of Halloween PPC Ads

Halloween is almost upon us and for many people this means two things, a Halloween fancy dress party and the need for an awesome costume to match. For many costume and fancy dress retailers this is their busiest and most profitable period of the year, so there is a lot of competition for advertising space. Advertisers are charged with creating compelling and unique messages and therefore analysing Halloween could provide great insight into creating effective ads.

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The Importance of Mobile Security

Our reliance on our mobile phones for social, financial and employment has meant that they now contain a huge amount of our most personal data, however many smartphones remain unprotected. With mobile data networks, there are concerns over access and …

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The Rise of XXX Mobile: Users of Adult Content to Increase

The total number of unique users of adult content on mobile and tablets is set to rise drastically over the next 4 years, reaching 250 million by 2017.  Read more →

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Mobile Money Transfers to be Driven by Emerging Markets

A report from Juniper Research has revealed that mobile money transfers will reach a total of 389 million users by 2018. The use of such services in Asian and African nations will drive this huge rise in usage, which initially sounds surprising until we dig deeper into the issue.  Read more →

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Google Testing Many Per Click Conversion Optimiser

The only problem is that Google has not informed advertisers that they may have been opted into this Beta test. The issue was discovered when attempting to make bulk edits to a campaign that had been opted in, as it was not possible to bulk edit the target CPA. Read more →

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Smart Watch Popularity to Soar in Next 5 Years

Following Samsung’s announcement that they will reveal their smart watch on September 4th, excitement has been growing for the coming generation of wearable smart devices. The Galaxy Gear will be unveiled at the IFA Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin next week and is expected to revolutionise the market, until Apple release their plans at least! Read more →

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