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HolidayCheck SEO

Each month 20 – 30 million people visit HolidayCheck websites to view reviews of hotels and destinations from about 10 million user opinions. Our international SEO services help HolidayCheck drive greater online visibility of their sites on Google’s organic search results through high quality link building campaigns in French and English.

Marketing channels:

  • Organic content marketing


Building links for the travel sector can be challenging as a lot of meaningless content is continuously spewed out by undiscerning marketers. In order to stand out from the crowd and create content that users would actually like to read, we adopted a strategy based on seasonality and trending topics in the industry.

Our monthly content calendar was determined based on analysis of travel search trends and interest on the HolidayCheck sites. Link bait was developed, in partnership with popular travel bloggers, based on these trends and seasonal events. Outreach efforts were focused specifically on magazines, blogs and travel sites that covered the destinations.


  • We saw a big increase in organic links to the French and English domains, as well as more incoming traffic.