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Facebook has just launched Conversions API Gateway. It is the closest to a native solution for CAPI and is probably one of the quickest and easiest ways to implement CAPI.

While the CAPI Gateway setup process is pretty much code free – it simply uses the Pixel events that you’ve already set up – it does require familiarity with cloud server technology. Unlike solutions built with platform integrations or self-hosted implementations, the CAPI Gateway requires AWS (Amazon Web Services).

There may be a cost implication with this, since AWS isn’t free. If your site doesn’t have a lot of traffic, the cost isn’t prohibitive. But it’s there, and you have to factor that in. More importantly, if you’ve never used AWS, the learning curve might be steep.

By comparison, the free tier offered by Google Cloud Platform – the default hosting provision if you implement CAPI via Google Tag Manager – seems more generous. And the setup via GTM is easier for people who already use the Tag Manager interface.

Facebook’s official advice is to use CAPI Gateway if…

  • Your monthly expense to optimize for web events is more than $2K.
  • You’re not working with an e-commerce partner such as Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and others.

Most major advertisers should have already implemented Conversions API. For those that haven’t, CAPI Gateway could be a quick and easy solution. For small businesses that don’t want the additional costs or don’t have access to an AWS or cloud hosting expert, this might not quite be the easy fix they need.

Get in touch if you need help implementing Conversions API