US Search Engine Market Share Data – Jan 2009

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According to the latest qSearch analysis of the major U.S. search engines carried out by comScore, search continues to grow and little has changed in terms of market share of the top 5 search providers.

Americans carried out 13.5 billion searches in the month of January 2009. This figure is 7% higher than the corresponding figure just one month ago, in December 2008.

Expectedly, Google sites were the leaders in the number of searches conducted with 59% share of the market, followed by Yahoo! sites having 15% market share and Microsoft sites having 6% share of the market. AOL and the Ask Network had 3.9% and 3.7% respectively.

Of the 11.7 billion (up 5% from December 2008) searches conducted across all Google sites in January 2009, Google Search accounted for 75% while YouTube and other Google sites contributed to 25% of the volume.

Yahoo! and Microsoft’s search metrics are much more heavily skewed towards their main search properties, with both contributing to 99% of their individual total volumes.

AOL and the Ask Network, on the other hand, had a much more even distribution. 58% of AOL searches coming from the search network while 42% came from MapQuest and other AOL properties. Less than half (49%) of the Ask Network’s searches came from while 51% came from MyWebSearch and other properties.

A comparison with the same period a year ago shows that Google’s market share grew 6% points between January 2008 and January 2009, while that of Yahoo! fell 2% points and Microsoft fell 1% point.

Historical Growth in Number of Search Engine Queries

Yahoo!, though, has actually gained market share for the fifth consecutive month now, at the expense of Microsoft and mostly, but also at the expense of Google last month.


  • annalise says:

    It seems that the top five search engines will remain there. Second-tier search engines and those in the remainging 13% are your best bet for cost effective local advertising and most of them are partnered with the big three.


  • trypu says:

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  • Tom Shore says:

    Interesting read with some interesting and valued data, even if the data relates to the US market as opposed to UK data (sorry, we’re a UK based Internet Marketing firm!). I find it particularly interesting to see how much Google relies on it’s affiliations with sites such as YouTube. Without them, it’s dominance over the Search industry would be cut by 25%! It’s quite remarkable.

  • bownsim says:

    I guess google will continue dominating UK search market with the growing chrome and google OS users.

  • ellie says:

    Yahoo give up the search, to reach an agreement with Microsoft to use Microsoft’s search data. Yahoo to abandon its own search technology, after the search to switch to Microsoft’s Bing

  • Rate says:

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  • Adrian says:

    Will we see the Moore’s law apply to Google soon? We see the number of screw ups and law suits. When their PR runs out, lets hope Y and Bing have the capacity to pick up those users.

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